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Our high tech tools are simple to use and have exceeded expectations.  Our personal experience in servicing two-cylinder John Deere tractors goes back to family owned John Deere dealerships during the years 1926-1941 and 1951-1960.  Based on our many years of engineering and design experiences, we now use modern technology to provide the best restoration tools available.


Sunsdahl Restoration Tooling offers several different options for repairing the Grille on your Farmall Tractor.

We currently offer Grille Repair tool sets for the following Farmall Tractor model numbers:

  • M and W6 models, 1939-1954 Farmall Tractors
  • A, B and C models, 1939-1954 Farmall Tractors
  • H and W4 models, 1939-1954
  • 600-650 and W9 models, 1940-1958
  • Cub models, 1955 and Newer
  • 100-230 models, 1954-1958
  • 300-350 Models, 1954-1958
  • 400-450 Models, 1954-1958