"The best part of purchasing these tools – they can be used over and over again, from tractor to tractor.  For kicks, I lined up eight screens to straighten and one hour later I was looking at eight perfectly shaped screens."

Dan Brotzman, Product Review, Green Magazine

"Sundahls’ grill repair tools are a must for any serious restorer.  Within less than a minute, Dick had the grille looking showroom new. What was also impressive, was that the paint on the grill had not been damaged from using the tooling.  After seeing Dick (at the Expo) reform the grille, I was sold on his tooling."

Brandon, Pfeiffer, LGT News

"The grille tools are the best products to save customers money because they don't have to replace their old screens with new ones. The tools have made my screens look like new. The Airloc tool is a miracle as well. Saves a lot of time."

Dan Peterman, Rusty Acres Restoration

"Very pleased. With these tools, I can perform miracles."

Gaynor Parker, Farmall Restorer, Stilesville, IN

"I just finished repairing my mangled up Farmall M grille with the tool set I purchased from you.  Wow, this is the ticket since my grille now looks great.  You don’t have to be a sheet metal expert to use these.  I just want to say thanks again for having this tooling available at an affordable price."

Chuck Eigen, Farmall Restorer!

"Removing those clutch pins has always been a time consuming chore! Not anymore with that tool!"

Harold & Harlan Kruger, JD Tractor Parts, Albert Lea, MN

"I repaired a grille for a B that would have been junk without that tool. It is the only way to get the exact shape correct."

Duane Pouch, JD Tractor Restorer, Monticello, MN

"As always, a perfect item. Highly recommended seller." - re: Mower Deck Patch

Ebay Buyer

"I have a "junk" R grille and screen that had many dents and non factory bends.  I used the set as directed and in less than an hour restored it to its intended factory shape.  It now hangs on the wall with the rest of my John Deere art pieces.  You have a sure fire tool that works as advertised."

JD Hobbyist

"I was extremely impressed with the speed and ease that I got the dents out of my M grille. The purchase price and cost of shipping was well worth it."

Canadian Restorer

"The ABGH grille tool really works!  It is one of the best tools I have ever used -- a must have!"

Richard Rose, Dick's Welding Service, Interlaken, NY

"I used the tool to reshape the grille on the 60 that I restored for a customer.  The tool saved far more than the cost in labor and did a perfect job.  What a deal!"

Tennessee Restorer

"It worked to perfection. It's a real treat to get a tool that will do as the man says."

Minnesota LGT Hobbyist