Company History

Company History

This photograph is from an article in the Faribult Daily News (September 1, 2005) about my grille tool.

Our high tech tools are simple to use and have exceeded expectations.  Our personal experience in servicing two-cylinder John Deere tractors goes back to my father’s John Deere dealerships 1926-1941 and 1951-1960.  Based on our many years of engineering and design experiences, we now use modern technology.

History of Sunsdahls' Restoration Tooling

The grille screens on my 50, 80, 520, 620 and 4430 had bends and dents that were an eye sore.  Also, my neighbor’s two 4020 tractors had the same problem.  That motivated me to machine re-forming tools for both tractor generations.  I learned that the geometry on the New Generation tractors had different angles and radii, which resulted in the necessity for two different sets.  The tools worked so well, and I was so satisfied with the results that I was motivated to survey the market potential. I talked to other John Deere hobbyists, parts dealers, implement dealers and farmers to see if they would be interested in buying the tools.  The encouragement was there to go for it!  My past career experience and family support were a plus.  Sunsdahls’ Restoration Tooling became a small business.

Life and Career Experience

Our son Thad is a tool and die maker.  As of 2010 he is the owner of  Sunsdahls’ Restoration Tooling,  Using his high-tech experience, he perfected the final engineering and design work for our products.

My wife Elaine is an organizer and has an office in our home.  She coordinates the business and Web site. Input and contact with relatives and friends fit into this whole structure.

We have made many new friends along the way and enjoy operating a credible business.


Over the past five years we have added many new grille and specialty tools to our John Deere line.  One year ago we added International Harvester grille tools because of numerous requests to do so, and currently have eight different grille tools for Farmall tractors covering years 1939-1963.  Many of our tools were created with input from restorers and hobbyists.  We do all the designing and most of the manufacturing “in house.”  We continuously survey the market for new tool ideas.  If you have needs or suggestions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Richard Sunsdahl
Sunsdahls’ Restoration Tooling
811 Vardon Court
Faribault, MN 55021